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Our trademark

Aquarelle.co.uk is a part of the Aquarelle group, founded in Paris in 1987.

Your bouquet

In our online catalogue, you will find a large choice of bouquets. You can also choose from a range of prices and we will adapt the bouquet's size and composition accordingly. Unlike other flower transmission networks, Aquarelle.com controls the entire fabrication process and composes exactly the bouquet you have chosen to offer. For every order you place, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a photo of the bouquet composed especially for you, taken just before it was dispatched. Romantic, perfumed or exotic... our collection of bouquets changes with the seasons, the events which mark the year and our florists' inspirations. We're sure you'll love discovering our « Market Bouquets » of lavender, sunflowers, ranunculus, peonies or hydrangeas, cultivated and hand-picked by our own growers and selected partners and arranged in beautiful, hand-tied bunches.

The freshest flowers

Aquarelle's florists design, compose and hand-tie your bouquets on our own premises. With fresh arrivals of flowers every day, our florists take the greatest care when creating your bouquets to ensure that you enjoy them for as long as possible. We wrap the stems of each bouquet in a special gel guaranteed to keep your flowers fresh. Our fast delivery service ensures that your bouquet will reach its destination in perfect condition.

Fast, reliable delivery

Your bouquets are delivered throughout United Kingdom for 6.50 euros, whatever size of bouquet you have chosen to send. Protected in a specially designed box, with the stems in water, your bouquet will be transported in the best possible conditions. Today, our express delivery partners provide a high quality, time-tested service. For any delay of more than 4 hours, the delivery cost will therefore be reimbursed. For any delay of more than 24 hours, the full value of your order will be reimbursed.
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