Payment methods

Credit card

Aquarelle accepts the following credit cards: has entrusted its payment system to a service company specialising in on-line payment security. We guarantee the total confidentiality of your bank details, which are protected by the SSL protocol, whereby access rights are automatically validated for all payments by credit card and all exchanges are scrambled to ensure their confidentiality. We can neither access nor store information concerning your credit card.

* The Fnac card account is a renewable one year credit with a minimum monthly payment of 25 € if you owe up to 500 € and for which the annual TEG (effective global interest rate) is 19.70% up to 1524 €, 19.34 from 1524 € to 3000 € and 18.99% above 3000. It is granted on condition of acceptance by the financing company FINAREF, an SA (limited company) with directorate and advisory board - capital 13 651 315 € - 6 rue E. Moreau – 59100 Roubaix - 305 207 706 RCS Roubaix-Tourcoing. The total cost of the credit depends on its usage. It varies according to the amount and the duration of the outstanding balance on your FNAC card account. Conditions in effect as at 01/01/2008. For example, for a usage of 75 € on 01/01/2008, reimbursed in totality before re-use by monthly payments, according to the conditions in place as at 01/01/2008, excluding revisions, the total cost (excluding optional insurance) is 2.31 €.

Gift tokens

All products and services can be paid for with our gift tokens. They are accepted on the website and by telephone on 0 806 23 11 11 (cost of a local call). 

Each gift token can only be used once and may not be combined with any other reductions. It cannot be exchanged for money in any form, either in totality or in part.

Each gift token is marked with a unique confidential code created by, which must be entered on the payment page of our web site.

Each gift token must be used in its totality. If the value of your order exceeds the value of your gift token, a supplementary payment may be made by credit card. However, if the value of your order is lower than the value of your gift token, credit cannot be issued for the difference. cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of this gift token.

Mobile phones

If you have the necessary equipment, you may pay by credit card from your mobile phone. The same conditions regarding security and confidentiality apply as for payment by credit card on our website.

Monthly direct debit

Aquarelle offers its corporate club members a fast ordering service with monthy billing and the option to pay by direct debit.